Friday, 31 March 2017

Friday First Revisited | No7 Shimmer Dust Gift Box

We're rewinding it back to 2015 once again, and this time we're looking back on the No7 Shimmer Dust Gift Box! As you can see; my mum and I don't religiously use exactly the same products but we use similar bits.

The first thing I spoke about way back when was the famous No7 Lash Impact Mascara. Now I personally don't currently use a No7 mascara, but my Mum is slightly religious about her No7 mascaras and really does go out of her way to make sure she has at least one in her makeup bag. Now, she's not currently using Lash Impact, instead, she's currently using Extreme Length. Now back in 2015 I was a struggling student, which completely justifies my "not sure if I'm a fan of the normal price tag of £13.50" issue. I do remember really loving the brush that the Lash Impact uses compared to the stiff, plastic brush used in Extreme Length. No7's Extreme Length promises that it "extends each lash for maximum length and eye-opening definition" and my Mum says that it does do just that, hence the repurchasing. So I was then talking about the Youthful Eye Serum, something that I wasn't able to review properly due to you being "meant to see results in 4 weeks". Now, back then I didn't see "any instant results but my eye area does seem softer and smoother". Now, skincare is something that I have definitely started putting a lot more effort into. Although, things like eye creams I totally skip and with all the will in the world I struggle to fit them into my routine. Again, my Mum uses this on a daily basis and repurchases the Youthful Eye Serum quite a few times a year absolutely swearing by it.

Let's stick with the eyes and talk about the Stay Perfect Eyeshadow is actually something I continue to use myself and I still use the exact product from way back! I still use this in exactly the same way as I did; "I can make work in my crease to add some depth when I wear my winged liner" which is exactly what I do most days when wearing my liner. The claims that it "blends effortlessly and lasts for hours" does exactly that, the fact that I barely have to blend out this shadow makes my mornings easier and it really does last all day long. A product you'll never catch me reviewing, or rereviewing in the future, are lipglosses. I don't wear lipgloss, they're far too sticky and I personally find that you can't gain enough colour payoff from them. Two years ago I was thinking that I would "pass this one onto my Mum", which is exactly what I did cause when my Mum goes for colour on the lips she'll always reach for a lipgloss and even apply lipgloss on top of her lipsticks. "It didn't apply easily, it wasn't sticky but it didn't slide on"... Kind of the understatement of the century right there. I didn't give it a big enough chance, but my Mum stated that it was one of the stickiest lipglosses that she's ever used and she didn't even mention any of the "vitamins that protect and care for the lips".

Two years later, would my Mum or I reuse any of the No7 Products? The only product that I personally still use is the Stay Perfect Eyeshadow and I reach for it pretty much everytime I wear winged liner. My Mum still religiously uses the Youthful Eye Serum, and occasionally still uses the No7 mascaras. 
Two years later, would my Mum or I repurchase any of the No7 Products? As much as I enjoy the colour from the Stay Perfect Eyeshadow, I don't think that justifies repurchasing a whole eyeshadow trio for one shade; I'm pretty sure I'll find a colour very similar in an individual shade. Mum repurchases the Youthful Eye Serum throughout the year and often picks it up when there is a No7 offer on. Mum also occasionally picks up the mascaras; she goes back and forth between brands but with her having incredibly sensitive eyes she always ends up going back to No7.
Two years later, would my Mum or I recommend any of the No7 Products? I'd highly recommend the No7 Eyeshadows, they blend incredibly easily and they do last all day long. They're also incredibly pigmented, especially for how easily they blend. Mum would recommend the Youthful Eye Serum if you're religious about skincare, she states it really helps her eyes! We'd also both recommend the Lash Impact Mascara, I'd say especially if like me you like mascaras with big, fluffy brushes. 
Overall score out of 5? I'd give No7 a 3. It isn't a brand I go out of my way to purchase bits from, I don't really keep up to date with new releases from No7 either. However, like I've said numerous times, my Mum really does swear by their skincare pieces... As well as the Youthful Eye Serum she also picks up loads of other pieces that she loves.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Holiday Diaries | Prague Edition

Prague, hello it's me again. I know I've literally just left you but we really need to talk. First of all, I think this may possibly be the photo heaviest Holiday Diaries since I began these!

So Prague, where do I even begin. You've given me enough memories to last me a lifetime, which even though we were only together for four days, I'm very grateful for these. You have some of the most beautiful views I have ever witnessed in my life, but you also have some of the strangest architecture that I just don't understand; I'm sorry. You have some of the best street food as well, and I know you're going to hate me for this, but trdelníks are really tasty!

You are insanely hilly, seriously no one warns you about that. We did all the walking on Monday and walked all the way up the Petrín Hill and the lookup tower! Seriously, come Tuesday I felt like I'd done a thousand leg days, and as I write this to you on Saturday I still don't quite think my legs have recovered fully. You're a lot busier and bigger than I ever expected, and you gave me and Ryan some of the strangest experiences of our lives; some I think we'll be laughing about for years to come.

You're a stunning place Prague and thank you for letting me experience you in your beauty, even if the weather wasn't all that great some days. I'm currently telling everyone who hasn't been to Prague that they need to visit!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Friday First | Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream

You all know my love of a good hand cream, and Neal's Yard is a brand I've been wanting to try for such a long time. So imagine my excitement when I received a very generous sized Bee Lovely Hand Cream back in the Mark and Spencer's advent calendar. Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream is not only aptly named, with an adorable name I might add, it also "nourishes the skin and lifts the spirits", and being infused "with energising Orange Essential Oil" what isn't to love? Naturally, with such a name all about bees, the hand cream is also "blended with moisturising organic honey". We all know how good both honey and essential oils are for your skin, so it's no surprise that the Bee Lovely Hand Cream "nourishes, softens and protects hands". Also as a little bonus, everytime someone buys a tube of this hand cream it "helps raise money for projects that help to save our precious bees" (

Personally, I need a hand cream that sinks in quickly, even on those days where I'm at home and not really doing much I can't stand hand creams that sit on the skin for ages and leave your hands feeling greasy meaning you can't then do anything else. The Bee Lovely Hand Cream sinks in pretty quickly, although my hands were left feeling a little greasy meaning that I couldn't do a lot after putting this on. You also might need to be a fan of orange scent when using this, because believe me that orange scent packed a punch. I felt like I'd literally been punched in the face the scent was that overpowering. Now, this doesn't stop me using it, it just means that it isn't a hand cream that I throw into my bag to use while I'm out and about. My hands do feel lovely after I've used this, they definitely feel like they've had some love and nourishment put back in.

Will I continue to use the Bee Lovely Hand Cream? I don't find myself reaching for this on a daily basis due to the overpowering scent and the greasy feeling I'm left with, however what I plan to start doing is using it at night when I'm in bed and layer this on nice and thick under my cotton gloves to let it really sink in and work overnight.
Will I repurchase the Bee Lovely Hand Cream? I don't think I will, despite it being such a nicely named hand cream that helps out the bees, I have a lot more hand creams that I reach for on a daily basis and for a lot cheaper.
Would I recommend the Bee Lovely Hand Cream? If orange is a scent that you love and can deal with on a daily basis, or can simply overlook then this will be a hand cream for you. Again, if you don't mind a hand cream that leaves your hands feeling slightly greasy before leaving them feeling super soft then this is for you.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I love how my hands ultimately feel after using this, the honey and essential orange oil really do get to work at making a miracle happen. Although I'm not that keen on my hands feeling greasy initially or the overpowering orange scent, which for me is a totally personal preference.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Skin Care | Soap & Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture Marvel

So let me introduce you to my new daily moisturiser! I'd love to say that I picked up the Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture because I really wanted to try it, but truthfully it was included in The Whole Glam lot from Soap & Glory last year so I thought I'd give it a go.

The smell of this moisturiser is one of my favourite smelling moisturisers ever, especially with that watermelon extract and those raspberry stem cells; it's actually a dream on your face. It's a moisturiser aimed at dry skin so it's packed full of everything you could imagine to make sure your skin stays super hydrated throughout the day. It sinks in incredibly quickly, meaning I can easily apply this and get on with my makeup without having to worry. Speed Plump is also meant to contain agents to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin a healthy glow. Now I can't comment on the fine lines and wrinkles, purely because I really don't pay that much attention to them; I'm 23 and I'm trying to keep myself in this habit of really not caring too much about wrinkles! Although, it definitely does give me that healthy glow throughout the day, which can be something I try to avoid as my skin is super oily but Speed Plump gives me a glow that's incredibly natural looking.

It might not be classed as the cheapest moisturiser around, at £13 a go I suppose it really does depend upon your budget and how often you'd be using this. I use a tiny amount on a daily basis, and you really don't need a lot so I can justify the £13 price tag as it really does last me a while! Also, for how it makes my skin look and feel for me £13 is a price I really cannot argue with.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Friday First | COLAB Dry Shampoo Extreme Volume Paris

So while I was in town shopping a few weeks ago I saw that Superdrug had a deal on the COLAB dry shampoos. With COLAB dry shampoo being a brand I've only ever heard good things about I picked one up without hesitation. I picked up one of the Extreme Volume Collections in the Paris Floral Fragrance scent. Now, a scent isn't the be all and end all for me when I'm using a dry shampoo, in fact, if I find them to be too overscented then I can't stand them. COLAB's Extreme Volume Collection "adds the additional elements of body, height and ultimate volume without the extensive time or effort usually required" as it "features an extreme plumping powder" while also promising "refreshing roots". Now, I don't always need volume in my hair but sometimes it is nice; especially on those days where my hair is a little bit more greasy and limp. The Paris fragrance is made up of top notes; bergamot and mandarin, heart notes of; jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, and base notes of; amber, patchouli, tonka and musk (

Now, I've used plenty of products in the past for volume but christ nothing compares to this. If you've ever lusted after volume or needed insane volume for a night out then you've probably come across Powder Punch, or at least something incredibly similar. A powder that delivers on the volume front, but holy crap the way it makes your hair is awful. This dry shampoo did exactly that to my hair, in fact as soon as I put it in my hair I felt my roots just clump together and I wanted to do nothing more than wash my hair. Nonetheless, I stuck with it and used my usual trick with sleeping with dry shampoo in to help it absorb even more but this didn't work. My hair genuinely felt like a birds nest, and when straightening it the next morning I was just having to grab clumps of my hair to straighten, I couldn't physically separate my hair to straighten it. My roots were refreshed, though, my hair didn't feel or look greasy, but if I'm honest I avoided touching my hair all day long. I can't say the fragrance really came through if I'm honest. Like I said, I don't purposely look for a fragrance in my dry shampoo but I was really interested to see how the different notes would come through.

Will I continue to use COLAB's Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo? I currently don't have any other dry shampoo so I'm going to have to use this one until I pick some more up. I'm wondering if spraying it from a distance, maybe from across the other side of my bedroom, will make a difference to how my hair felt.
Will I repurchase COLAB's Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo? Definitely not. I've not given up on the COLAB brand because I desperately want to try some of the other varieties, but I'll definitely be avoiding the Extreme Volume collection.
Would I recommend COLAB's Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo? If you're all about the ridiculous amount of volume in life then this is definitely for you. I highly doubt you'll ever need to backcomb your hair with this. However, if you're just looking for an everyday dry shampoo which allows you to still do things with your hair, then avoid this.
Overall score out of 5? A 2. My roots were definitely refreshed and my hair didn't look greasy; so as a typical dry shampoo it worked perfectly. However with how my hair just clumped together meaning that I couldn't physically brush it, straighten it, and I even struggled to get it into a ponytail....

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Beauty | NYX Baked Blush 'Journey'

NYX is quite easily becoming a brand that I'm always turning to, and always visiting the stand when I'm in my local Boots. Granted there are some NYX products that just look absolutely terrifying to me and make me wish that I was brave enough to wear really bright colours on my face! But that is also exactly what NYX do best; colour.

I'm a pale girl, and believe me when I apply my foundation I look ghostly pale, quite ill and I desperately need some colour back in my face. Being so pale though some blushes can just make me look like a clown, or the latest trend seems to be throwing an entire pot of glitter into a blush which is such an attractive look. I was torn between Journey, the shade that I ended up grabbing, and Foreplay (Oh did I mention that NYX does names really well too?) I didn't opt for Foreplay because it looked a little too bold for an everyday blush, although there is a hint of gold throughout it. In the end, I opted for Journey, a perfect everyday soft pink. So the pigmentation of this blush is insane, and I apply it dry and blend it out like there is no tomorrow, but the colour stays all day and looks super natural.

For £6.50 (from Boots) my blush hardly looks like it's been touched and I reach for this every single day when I'm wearing making, also that packaging is definitely one of my favourites, that little bow is such a cute touch!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday First | NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner

So my trusty Seventeen eyeliner, which was perfectly fine a few days before may I add, completely betrayed me and dried up on me with no warning. So this meant running to Boots while in town to grab some new eyeliner. Being betrayed even further because my Seventeen eyeliner was out of stock meant that I had to try something new. I've been trying a few bits from NYX lately so I had no concerns trying their gel eyeliner. Now the NYX eyeliner is actually described as a mousse liner, so naturally, my interest was grabbed. NYX are really pushing the boat out and claiming that their "fluffy light-weight formula with... boldest black pigments" liner is "EPIC" (

So let's be honest, this is genuinely one of the most pigmented eyeliners I have ever used. There is no element of greying with this liner, it stays as black as when you first put it on. It's definitely light-weight as well, it didn't dry out or have that weird sensation of becoming heavy as the day went on. There was no smudging and no transfer to my eyebrow bone, which is definitely a bonus! Now, I'm not sure if I just suddenly lost the ability to do winged liner overnight for a few days or if it was because this liner is so creamy that there seems to be no control while attempting to create a wing. So as much as it's beautifully soft and creamy it's also a slight nightmare if I'm in a rush and just need to create a wing. Although if I'm honest, it's so creamy and soft I was struggling to control it even when I've got all the time in the world, but I now seem to have cracked it!

Will I continue to use NYX's Epic Black Mousse Liner? Oh, I'm not giving up with this and I will be using this until I have mastered this liner, and I think I'm almost there! It's genuinely one of the most pigmented eyeliners I have ever used and there is really no pulling at my eyelid while applying it.
Will I repurchase NYX's Epic Black Mousse Liner? I'm currently not so sure, the fact it's taking me so long to adjust to it because I'm struggling to adjust to it and control it, I don't think I will be.
Would I recommend NYX's Epic Black Mousse Liner? If unlike me and you're a total pro with gel eyeliner and can do a wing like there is no tomorrow then definitely. You'll love this!
Overall score out of 5? Annoyingly a 3. I had higher expectations and despite it being super creamy, smooth and pigmented; the fact it is so creamy and smooth is its downfall and means I just genuinely cannot use it.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Fashion | Oscar Red Carpet

Chrissy Teigen wearing Zuhair Murad; Image Source, Naomie Harris wearing Calvin Klein; Image Source, Karlie Kloss wearing Stella McCartney; Image Source, Darby Stanchfield wearing Georges Chakra Couture; Image Source
Olivia Culpo wearing Marchesa; Image Source, Hailee Steinfeld wearing Ralph & Russo; Image Source, Emma Roberts wearing Armani Privé; Image Source, Justin Timberlake wearing Tom Ford and wife Jessica Biel wearing Kaufmanfranco; Image Source
Ginnifer Goodwin wearing Zuhair Murad; Image Source, Ruth Negga wearing Valentino; Image Source, Halle Berry wearing Atelier Versace; Image Source, Meryl Streep wearing Elie Saab; Image Source
Janelle Monáe wearing Elie Saab; Image Source, Kristen Dunst wearing Dior Haute Couture; Image Source, Taraji P. Henson wearing Alberta Ferretti; Image Source, Pharrell Williams wearing Chanel; Image Source
Now if I'm honest I very rarely agree with the choices made at the Oscars, but when it comes to the fashion on the red carpet I definitely agree with that!

This year there seemed to be a very monotone theme, with so many people choosing totally white or very plain outfits, or classically black outfits. I managed to find a small pop of colour though! Chrissy Teigan is one of my absolute favourites from this year, I usually love most of Chrissy's outfits but this one is absolutely stunning. The dress worn by Karlie Kloss has to be the outfit I love second most out of everything I've picked out. The classic floor length, simple gown with a cape is something I'm totally for. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are easily one of my favourite couples; and can we please talk about how classic Justin looks while Jessica is totally stealing the show. Kristen Dunst easily had my favourite look out of everything I picked out. The classic, not so little, black dress with that tiny waistline is definitely something I'd definitely wear! What would you have worn from this years Oscar's?

Friday, 3 March 2017

Friday First Revisited | The Body Shop Picks

So you lovely people spoke and I am delivering! Okay, so totally a week late but I needed a few days to myself after a stupidly long and stressful week. You all know how much I love my Body Shop products now, however way back in February 2015 I was only just starting to dip my toes into the ridiculously huge and beautiful world of Body Shop.

So let's start with White Musk Libertine; this is genuinely my favourite ever perfume but it's now discontinued, and I genuinely have 3 bottles stacked up in my bedroom which I use very sparsely to make it last as long as possible! So way back when what was I thinking? "...with notes of grapefruit blossom, Turkish delight and baby orchid... the floral and sweet tones definitely come through". White Musk will always be a staple scent in my life, and memories, but sweet scents are definitely what I go for more. Like I said, White Musk Libertine is now discontinued but what would The Body Shop be without their staple White Musk?

Now let's be honest, if you know me then you won't be surprised that I picked out the Vanilla Brûlée Body and Room Spray. Way back when as much as I loved the scent I was convinced that I'd be using it more "as a room spray"; well this turned out to be a huge lie as I ended up using this as a body spray on those days when I didn't want to wear perfume. Vanilla Brûlée was a limited scent just for Christmas, but The Body Shop still have a huge range of body mists and I still have so many of them. I use them most days, still on those days where I don't want to wear perfume; the scents last all day long, of course, I top them up but when I don't always have them on me they still last and smell great!

Ever bought a product and instantly regretted it? Well, that was definitely me and the Chocomania Body Scrub... I loved the chocolate scent, it made my shower smell beautiful and it definitely did linger. However, it was just too wet for a body scrub, the minute I applied it to my skin the scrub element just disappeared and two years ago I was thinking the same; "I can't say I find it as exfoliating as other scrubs I've used." I didn't give up with The Body Shop scrubs, I've tried plenty and I'm currently loving the Vanilla Chai scrub from last years Christmas range. Honestly, the scrubs have definitely improved they're a lot more coarse and really give my skin that silky smooth feeling after using them. Keeping with the chocolate theme, I also picked up the Chocomania Body Butter. Just like any other body butter from The Body Shop "the body butter [was] almost solid" but I decided I wouldn't pick up anything similar as I couldn't "really find that much difference between... any other cocoa butter moisturisers". Again, I didn't give up with body butter from The Body Shop, and I'm absolutely still loving my Pinita Colada body butter.

Two years later, would I reuse any of my picks from The Body Shop? As I've already said I've stockpiled my White Musk Libertine with it now being discontinued and only reach for it on those very special occasions. I'm forever buying the body mists and I've tried so many different scents. I still use the body scrubs and body butter, but I'm now very picky with my scents. 
Two years later, would I repurchase any of my picks from The Body ShopI always pick up new body mists if I see any scents that I enjoy; I always pick up something floral and always the vanilla. I don't pick up any more body butter because I have enough to last a lifetime, but I will always pick up body scrubs because I get through them so quickly... And I'm always very partial to a special edition scent.
Two years later, would I recommend any of my picks from The Body Shop? Everyone knows my love for anything from The Body Shop, and I always shout about what I love from there. I would highly recommend their perfumes and body mists!
Overall score out of 5? Definitely a 4. It keeps my makeup in place all day long, but it isn't strong enough to combat the oily mess I become. I'm able to top my powder up comfortably throughout the day without looking cakey, and it holds nearly everything in place!