Sunday, 31 July 2016

Lifestyle | The Harry Potter Tag

Let's be honest, if you know me at all then you're probably surprised that it's taken me this long to write about anything to do with Harry Potter on my blog. In fact, if you've been around from the very beginning then you might just remember that my original header had the scar and glasses hidden in the corner... Anyway, I've recently got my Harry Potter tattoos and I recently found this Harry Potter tag over on SugarQuills and I just knew it was a tag that I had to do. With today being Harry Potter's birthday and the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I & II, today couldn't be more appropriate for this tag to go live!

1. Favourite Book?
This isn't even a hard question, when I know a lot of people expect it to be. For me it's The Prisoner of Azkaban. It's the book when Harry really discovers the meaning of family again. In the beginning you really get the feeling of how much James and Lily mean to Harry and how desperate he is to just have the family, and in the end he gets given that with Sirius.

2. Least Favourite Book?
When I was younger my least favourite was The Order of the Phoenix, but now I'm older I appreciate that book a hell of a lot more. There was just so much that I missed when I was younger and just didn't understand when I was young and naive. If I had to pick I'd probably say that The Chamber of Secrets; purely for all the spidery bits if I really have to pick a reason.

3. Favourite Movie?
I have a Sirius Black film quote tattooed on me, so I naturally have to say The Prisoner of Azkaban. For the same reason as the books the whole meaning of family running throughout the film is the main reason as to why it's my favourite film. Even if I catch it half way through I will not move until the very end. Although I naturally also have to say that The Philosopher's Stone is also my favourite because it's whee the magic began, cliché I know.

4. Least Favourite Movie?
Definitely The Half Blood Prince, purely because it was so rushed compared to the books and it's definitely the film I find myself explaining most to people who haven't read the books. Am I allowed to say The Order of the Phoenix or The Deathly Hallows because of Sirius or Lupin?

5. Favourite Quote?
You seriously expect me to be able to pick one quote out of seven books? I can probably narrow it down to two; "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light" and "Have a biscuit, Potter".

6. Favourite Weasley?
It's either Molly Weasley, because to her family are everything and this was such an important undercurrent that remained constant throughout the books. Aurthur Weasley, because he is just hilarious and he made hurt with laughter something, but he also had moments where he caught me so off guard I actually choked up. Or Fred and George, because hello they do count as one, do you really need an explanation for Fred and George?

7. Favourite Female Character?
Luna Lovegood. She was so misunderstood and she was treated so poorly by so many people but she didn't let it change who she was as a person. She was so loyal to Harry, and I just know she is someone who you'd be lucky to be able to call a friend and have on your side. She's also just someone who I imagined to be so beautiful.

8. Favourite Villain?
Dolores Umbridge. She's so uncomfortably human, everybody knows someone like her and has probably dealt with a teacher who was exactly like Umbridge. That woman genuinely makes me feel uncomfortable no matter how many times I re-read the books or re-watch the films.

9. Favourite Male Character?
I'm forever torn between Sirius Black and Ron Weasley. I have a Sirius Black film quote tattooed on me, he was Harry's flicker of hope of family (I never discredit the Weasley's, but Sirius was just something a little extra), he always treated Harry as an equal and felt that he deserved to know exactly what was going on. He never tried to treat him as a child or 'protect' him from anything that was going on. He was fiercely loyal to James and Lily throughout everything and after everything and I think that was exactly what Harry needed, he was also the extra father figure that Harry needed. Ron Weasley is the best friend that we all would love to have. Ron is fiercely loyal to Harry, but he's also incredibly human. He has that moment where he doubts himself and the friendship that he has with Harry, he goes off, he shows his weaknesses and remind us that this is true life. He's the most human character in the books; he has his flaws and he's one of the characters that you initially don't think will get very far.

10. Favourite Professor?
Professor Minerva McGonagall will forever be my woman crush, she is such a sassy woman and everything I want to be in life.

11. Would you rather wash Snape's hair or spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself?
If I wash Snape's hair have I only got to do it the once and is he likely to lighten up at some point? I really cannot deal with Lockhart, so I'll definitely take Snape.

12. Would you rather duel an elated Bellatrix or an angry Molly?
I'll take Bellatrix any day. Bellatrix is predictable when she's manic and you can guess what she's going to do, and eventually she's going to mess up. An angry Molly is scary, you never know what she's going to do or when she's going to snap.

13. Would you rather travel to Hogwarts via Hogwarts Express or Flying Car?
I want to buy the entire sweets trolley like Harry did, so the Hogwarts Express please.

14. Would you rather kiss Voldemort or give Umbridge a bubble bath?
Oh Jesus Christ, neither. If I had to chose I'd give Umbridge a bubble bath becuase if worse comes to worst I'll just keep her happy with kittens and pink things.

15. Would you rather ride a Hippogriff or a Firebolt?
I've never had a fantastic sense of balance, and I don't think I'd be great at flying either to be honest. At least on a Hippogriff I've lot a more room where as on a Firebolt I've only got a very small stick to balance on, so a Hippogriff please.

16. Is there a character you felt different about in the movies?
As everyone who does this tag is going to say, I loved Ginny in the books and I'm not sure what happened to her in the films. Snape was another character I feel like that about, although not necessarily in a negative way. I can't quite put my finger on what it was about Snape because Alan Rickman is the perfect Snape and nobody could have played him more perfectly, maybe it's just how the films were done. Dumbledore is also another character I felt very differently about in the films, but this is because so much of his backstory is missed out in the films and I feel that this would have added so much.

17. Is there a movie you preferred to the book?
This is actually an unfair question because I love the books for so many reasons but I also love the films for so many reasons.

18. Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?
Richard Harris was closer to how I personally imagined Dumbledore, but we has Michael Gambon as Dumbledore for a lot longer and he played out some key scenes, and he wasn't terrible. Again potentially an unfair question as we didn't really get to see Richard Harris give it his all as Dumbledore so who knows what he would have bought to the table.

19. Your top thing (person or event) that wasn't in the movies but you wanted to be?
Oh my god I have three! Dumbledore's back story is my main one though. I feel like it would have helped to explain a lot more of the plot line and help some parts flow a lot more naturally without feeling a bit jumpy... One that kind of links to that is them exploring the searches for the horcruxes a lot deeper. It was covered, but I feel that a little bit more detail again would have just helped things to flow a little more smoothly. One thing that I'm so heartbroken that wasn't even mentioned at all was Hermione's S.P.E.W. organisation, purely because I think it would have been fun to bring in more house elves!

20. If you could remake any of the movies, which would it be?
The Half Blood Prince, I feel like it was so rushed.

21. Which house was your first gut feeling you'd be part of?
Bit of a ridiculous back story but when I was in junior school my school house was Badgers, so I always thought I'd be a Hufflepuff.. Plus the common room is close to the kitchen..

22. Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore?
Pottermore actually placed me into Hufflepuff!

23. Which class would be your favourite?
I think divination would be a class that I'd be really interested in, I've always been interested in that kind of thing anyway!

24. Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?
Definitely Accio because I always put things in a 'safe' place that I'm pretty sure that I'll never forget. I can then never remember where that safe place is..

25. Which character do you think you'd instantly become friends with?
I think I'd definitely become friends with Luna. We're both a little out of the ordinary and not with the 'in crowd' so I'd like to think we'd be good friends.

26. If you could own one of the hallows, which would it be?
I can't think of anytime that I think I'd need to use the Elder Wand, having a normal wand would be plenty enough for me, and even then I don't know if I'd trust myself to not be insanely clumsy with a normal wand. I think the Resurrection Stone is something I'd definitely be tempted by, but I know I wouldn't be able to cope with only being able to see my loved ones again just one last time, I'd rather not see them ever again. So that just leaves me with the Invisibility Cloak which thinking about it gives me loads of opportunities!

27. Are there any aspects of the books you would want to change?
Of course I'd want to change all the deaths, I think there are so many people that didn't actually deserve to die and actually quite a lot of people that I still even now can't accept actually did die. But I think that everything happened perfectly in it's own way and all came together so I actually wouldn't change anything, despite it all being emotionally draining every single time I re-read the books.

28. Favourite Marauder?
If you haven't worked it out by now I'm a little bit in love with Sirius Black, Padfoot.

29. If you could bring one character back to life, who would it be?
Sirius, James, Lily, Lupin and Tonks.

30. Hallows or Horcruxes?
I'm going to have to say the Hallows purely because I'll never have any use for a Horcrux in my life!

Friday, 29 July 2016

Friday First | CB12 Mouthwash & Boost

So last week I was talking to you about the oh so glamorous side of nursing and how during a 12 hour shift I'm not feeling my freshest and I was talking about antiperspirant. Well this week I'm continuing that theme and talking about how after drinking what can feel like your 100th cup of tea and having a salad for lunch, you might not feel so confident in your breath being the most fresh it's ever been either. Seriously, I just like to keep things real. So again when I was given the chance to work with CB12 to try out their mouthwash and their chewing gum I couldn't say no*.

I've seen CB12 mouthwash advertised before but if I'm being honest I've never seen it anywhere for me to pick up to try for myself. Sarah sent me a bottle of the original mint/menthol mouthwash which "provides 12 hour protection thanks to its long-lasting effect". CB12 has a "powerful and unique combination of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine within CB12 neutralises the formation of the substances that cause unpleasant breath" and it's "unique and patented formulation... binds with the lining of the mouth, teeth and tongue, ensuring up to 12 hours of long-lasting first class breath" ( I can't say I've ever noticed that I have bad breath, and I can't say that I've ever been told that it's something that I have but it's something that I am definitely conscious of.. Why must all the best tasting foods have such a strong odour? I usually struggle quite a lot with mouthwashes, I cannot keep them in my mouth for the recommended 30 seconds to a minute for the simple fact that the start to burn my mouth straight away. CB12 didn't burn my mouth at all and I could quite happily gargle this all around my mouth for over a minute without struggling. If you do struggle with mouthwashes burning your mouth and you're worried about the original flavour being too strong for you, then CB12 also do a mild flavour which has been specifically formulated for those who struggle with mouthwashes burning their mouths.

Now I didn't even know that CB12 did a chewing gum, known as boost, to go alongside their mouthwash, but I think it's a great idea. CB12 Boost is a "unique, sugar-free chewing gum with a patented technology and double action" as it not only provides "a cool minty flavour" it also works to prevent "unpleasant breath with zinc acetate, the active ingredient of CB12". What makes CB12 Boost unique is that it's a triple acting chewing gum; "elevating acid neutralisation, inhibiting plaque growth and strengthening your teeth against cavities while it gives you safe breath confidence" ( I think the idea of a chewing gum to use on top of the mouthwash to top up your breath protection and freshness throughout the day is a fantastic idea and is one I'm really on board with. Purely because throwing a bottle of mouthwash into your bag isn't really something you can do, but throwing a pack of chewing gum into your bag is really simple. I've also found the chewing gum to be an absolute life saver while I've been travelling up to my boyfriends and I couldn't take the mouthwash with me!

Will I continue to use the CB12 range? Definitely. I'm not sure if it's actually made any different to my breath, no one has told me otherwise, but I'm definitely feeling a lot more protected and a lot more fresh in myself which gives me a lot more confidence. During a 12 hour shift and what feels like my 100th cup of tea it's sometimes really nice to be able to feel refreshed and where brushing my teeth isn't an option, the chewing gum on my break is an absolute life saver.
Would I purchase the CB12 range? I think I will. It's not the cheapest mouthwash ever, depending on where I'd buy it from it's between £12-14.99 but you really don't need a lot of this mouthwash. At the minute I have no idea where to pick up the CB12 boost from so I need to go on a little hunt for those!
Would I recommend the CB12 range? Definitely! Even if you don't suffer from bad breath but you just want to feel refreshed and feel like you've got a little more protection throughout the day and have other options other than having to carry mouthwash or a toothbrush around which isn't always possible then CB12 is absolutely great stuff!
Overall score out of 5? A 4. The price tag really is the only downfall and I think it's probably the only thing that's stopping a lot more people trying CB12.

Have you tried anything from the CB12 range? Would you ever try anything from CB12? Is this something you think you'd try? Let me know!

*I was sent these products for free in return for a review. I have not been paid for this post in anyway, all opinions remain my own and have not been influenced in anyway.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Beauty | Zoella Beauty

I'd be lying if I said that I was desperate to get my hands on the Zoella beauty range from Superdrug. Not that I'm against Zoella in anyway, it's more that there just wasn't anything in the range that really jumped out at me. Every time I was in my local Superdrug I always had a quick browse of the Zoella stand and it was always nearly out of stock and whatever was left never really took my interest.

I was completing an order online the other week purely because I needed to order my Dad an aftershave for his birthday and I decided to browse the full Zoella beauty range, purely to see what was actually included. A few things stood out and took my interest but in the end I decided that the Double Créme Body Lotion from the Sweet Inspirations range and the Wonder Hand Moisturing Hand Cream from the Classic range were definitely the two items I'd get the most use out of.

Let's start with the Double Créme Body Lotion because I really am in love with this body lotion. It's macaron scented and enriched with sweet almond oil, cacao and honey and it really does smell incredible. It sinks into the skin really quickly and you don't need a lot of this, because a little really goes a long way. The scent stays all day long; it isn't strong enough that you can smell it from a million miles away which is nice, but it's nice that if you catch yourself off guard you're suddenly reminded of that beautifully sweet macaron scent that you applied that morning.

The Wonder Hand Moisturing Hand Cream definitely has the most beautiful packaging of a hand cream I've seen in a very long time, and let's be honest rose gold packaging was always going to be a winner. The Wonder Hand cream is meant to have a calm, feminine fragrance which I can't say that I really noticed.. The hand cream is packed with vitamin E, shea butter and aloe and they definitely all come through in the scent but it isn't a scent that I'd associate with being calming, maybe it's just me. Is there anything outstanding about this hand cream? Not really. You really don't need a lot and it sinks in pretty quickly, and if you put on too much your hands become very slimy and you actually can't do anything until the hand cream has sunk in. It's a moisturising hand cream and it's pretty long lasting, but I can't say that it's anything special and I think for it's price there are hand creams out there that I actually prefer.

I can't say that there is anything wrong with the Zoella beauty range, in fact I think for it's price I think it's a pretty good range. The packaging is beautiful and I think for girls who are just starting to get into the beauty scene and starting to spend their own money it's a good range for them to start with. Maybe I'll pick myself up some other bits if I'm ever in Superdrug and anything ever catches my eye, but I can't say that anything from the Zoella range would replace any of my firms favourites.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday First | Perspirex Antiperspirant

So you might know that I'm a mental health nurse. This means that I work 12 hour shifts and I'm usually running around for a lot of those so let's be honest, half way through my shift and definitely by the end I am not feeling as fresh as I could. When I was given the chance to try this antiperspirant from Perspirex that claims to be able to last 3-5 days I couldn't miss this opportunity.

Perspirex have 3 different antiperspirants and I was sent the Comfort one to try out*. Comfort is the newest in the antiperspirant range and has been "formulated to provide effective sweat and odour protection while the comfort skin care system CPX ensures an extra good skin feel". Comfort is "free from perfume" and is perfect "for those who suffer from occasional excessive sweating" (

So how does Perspirex work? Perspirex is best applied to "skin that is completely dry" and not "damaged or irritated". Perspirex is best applied at night before you go to bed as this is when your "sweat glands are most inactive". In the morning "there is no need re-apply" and Perspirex's protection "will last even after showering". Just allow Perspirex to work it's magic and "apply it 2-3 nights per week, or as often as needed" (

An antiperspirant that gives 3-5 days protection, really? Surprisingly yes. Don't worry, I was just as skeptical myself and really wasn't sure how any antiperspirant could provide that level of protection. I wouldn't say it provides me with the 3-5 days protection that's claimed, but I can definitely get away with 2 days protection. In this weather it's very difficult to feel completely fresh during a 12 hour shift, especially when wearing a nurses uniform because they're not the easiest material to breathe in. However, the most unnatural part for me is the lack of scent because since the age of 8 or 9 I'm so used to wearing a deodorant that has a fragrance. You are able to use a scented deodorant as well as the Perspirex because it won't affect the effectiveness of the Perspirex at all.

Will I continue to use Perspirex Comfort? I think I will. In this weather I'm definitely loving feeling a little more fresh and protected. I will keep using it with a scented deodorant on top, purely because it's still completely unnatural to not wear something scented on a daily basis.
Would I purchase Perspirex Comfort? It retails for £8.49 which for me personally is a ridiculous amount to pay for an antiperspirant. If this works miracles for me and lasts me a while then I'd definitely consider it, but unfortunately I think I'm more likely to keep buying my regular spray on deodorant.
Would I recommend Perspirex Comfort? I think I would. If you're looking for a little extra protection or definitely wanted to feeling more protected during these really humid days that the UK seems to be having lately then this definitely helps with those feelings.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I haven't seen anything fantastic and so far it hasn't really lived up to it's 3-5 day claim, but I'm going to keep going with it. I'm not giving up just yet!

Have you tried anything like Perspirex Comfort? Would you ever try a product like this? Is this something you think you'd try? Let me know!

*I was sent this product for free in return for a review. I have not been paid for this post in anyway, all opinions remain my own and have not been influenced in anyway.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Home | Primark Pink Grapefruit Candle

Hi my name is Beka, and I'm a candle addict. No seriously, I have a little bit of a problem with how many candles I now own. It also really doesn't help when Primark have these really cute little jar candles next to the till for just £1.. What do you expect me to do?!

I've heard mixed things about Primark candles, in fact quite often I'm told to avoid them because despite them being scented the scents aren't carried and just disappear. So I completely picked this up on a whim and hello how cute is it in the jar?

If I'm honest I had very low expectations of this candles because I just couldn't shake all the little things that everyone kept telling about these. It also took me ages to get round to burning this, I really have an issue with not wanting to burns candles because they just look so pretty. The scent is definitely there, it's not the strongest scent and it doesn't hit you in the face like other candles might but it does very subtly fill a room. I was expecting pink grapefruit to be quite a bitter scent but it was actually quite sweet and one that was really nice for those warmer days. The candle also burns quite cleanly, I hate it when candles don't burn evenly and there is a lot of wastage but that didn't happen at all. I'll definitely be buying more Primark candles now!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Friday First | The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter

I never need to buy any body butter ever again, I have the biggest bag full of body butters that I need to get through and I swear I could start my own shop with how many I own. I put in an order from The Body Shop lately because I desperately needed my Camomile Cleansing Butter (I cannot live without that stuff now) and I finally picked up the British Rose Gel Body Scrub, however The Body Shop also included this body butter as a free gift.

When I saw that it was being included in my order as a free gift I was just expecting a tiny one, the size you usually find in the little gift sets. You can imagine surprise when I opened my order and saw that the free gift was a huge 200ml tub! As you can see the Passion Fruit Body Butter is solid consistency when it's in it's tub. I actually prefer this because I think it's going to end up lasting me longer because I use a little bit at a time. The Passion Fruit Body Butter "hydrates" skin with its "buttery texture" which "leaves skin feeling soft and smooth" (
With body butters I prefer a little to go a long way and so far this one is living up to this. Having a solid texture means that I can only really get a small amount out at a time however it instantly melts as soon as you start working it into the skin. When using this my legs feel incredibly smooth, soft and hydrated and this feeling lasts all day long. Also the smell of this is stunning, passion fruit is a scent that I personally love but I know it's a very personal scent. The scent lasts all day long too, but it isn't overwhelming or sickly.

Would I reuse the Passion Fruit Body Butter? At the minute this is the body butter that I reach for every single time I shave my legs. I know, I know I need to start moisturising on a daily basis. I love how my legs feel after using this and how long this feeling lasts for and the scent of this body butter.
Would I purchase the Passion Fruit Body Butter? I'm not sure, at the moment I don't need to buy any body butter for a lifetime. The 200ml tub of the body butter costs £14 from The Body Shop and when I finally get to that stage when I'm allowed and ever need to buy a body butter again this will be one that I go back to!
Would I recommend the Passion Fruit Body Butter? I would. If you like body butters that are a solid consistency that then melts easily into the skin then this is the body butter for you. The body butter lasts for ever, the feeling it leaves and the scent also last all day long which is what I'm wanting from a body butter!
Overall score out of 5? A 4. It melts easily and it's so easy to work into the skin without any effort, which I can imagine is deceiving from it's solid consistency. My legs feel silky smooth all day long which is great, but I can't get dressed straight away. If I want to get dressed in a rush then I need to give my legs a quick wipe down to take the top layer thats just sat on my skin.

Do you use the Passion Fruit Body Butter? Do you use any body butters from The Body Shop? Do you have any other body butters that you swear by? Let me know!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Beauty | Imperial Leather Marsh Mallow Shower Cream

So who doesn't want to walk around in life smelling like a marshmallow? I'm not even a fan of marshmallows.. Seriously unless they are melted in my hot chocolate marshmallows make me feel sick, but I love the smell of marshmallows.

So lately having anything smelling like sweets seems to be the latest trend; come on you know that every time you walk past the Carex hand wash that smells like strawberry laces you smell it every single time. So when I saw that Imperial Leather were doing a Sweets range I knew I'd have to get my hands on some and when I walked past this little beauty on offer for £1 it practically jumped into my basket there and then.

I'm usually a lover of Imperial Leather, but I was disappointed with this one. For me the scent wasn't really anything special, there was definitely a marshmallow scent but while it wasn't overwhelming it didn't really stand out either. I also found that this shower cream really didn't lather up which is something I really look for in a shower cream. Overall, I'm slightly disappointed but I definitely want to pick up the other scents to give them all a go!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Friday First | Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream

I'm so behind on skin care crazes.. Seriously, when did caviar become good for your skin? I know you're probably all shouting at me now like "Beka, caviar has always been great for your skin keep up!" I know, I'm sorry. So apparently this time last year the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream was flying off shelves at Aldi and was a huge seller! When I heard that it was back this year for just £7.99 I had to pick it up and try it out for myself to see what the whole craze was about.

Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream claims to be "luxury anti ageing care for radiant and luminous skin" while also having "SPF 15". The Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream also claims to be "light enough to be worn under make-up" as well as being "light in texture and full of luxurious ingredients".

So is it everything it's cracked up to be? Yes and no. First of all for me this cream is super heavy and there is no way I'd be able to wear this under my makeup, so I actually use this at night purely because of it's thickness. Maybe I'm defeating the purpose of this cream, but there is no way I'd be able to wear this during the day. Amazingly just the other week when I was going through a period of having really dry, flaky skin on my nose I applied a really thick layer of this cream on to sink in overnight and it did the trick! Have I noticed my skin looking brighter? I wouldn't say my skin looks brighter, although it just looks less flat and firmer. That could be a complete coincidence but that's definitely what I've noticed with my skin. This cream is mainly aimed at 40+ skin, but unless you read the little instruction type booklet that comes with the cream you actually wouldn't know that.

On little tip that everyone should know if they're going to use this cream is that this shit will sting your eyes to high heavens. And I don't mean a little 'oh I got it in my eye' oh no I mean even if you go near your eye with this cream it will sting a ridiculous amount and water like no tomorrow. I've actually had to get out of bed and wipe my eyes and remove some of the cream around them just to get the stinging to stop. I don't apply this cream inside of my eye socket bone and that seems to have combatted the stinging sensation for now.

Will I continue to use the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream? I've been struggling to find a decent night cream and this seems to be doing the trick for me right now! I'll definitely keep using it because it really helps when I'm having bad periods of dry skin and it is helping my face look less dull.
Would I repurchase the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream? For the price of £6.99 you can't go wrong. It's a really good quality cream, incredibly thick and rich and a little really goes a long way. I think I would, however I know it's a seasonal product at Aldi, so if it's available when I come to need to repurchase it is the real question.
Would I recommend the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream? I think I would. I'm interested to see if anyone is able to use this as a day cream. If you're looking for a rich, thick cream that helps with dry skin that won't break the bank, then this could definitely be the one for you.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I have to use it as a night cream, and I can't say I've seen a huge difference in the brightness of my skin apart from it looking a little less dull. Also this cream really stings the shit out of my eyes which can be incredibly painful if I even go near my eyes with it..

Have you tried the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream? Do you use anything with caviar in on your skin? Is this something you think you'd try? Let me know!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Life | Mean Girls Book Tag

I'm no stranger to doing tag posts, in fact their some of my favourite to read and write because I think they're really interesting ways of getting to know the people behind the blog. I found the Mean Girls Book tag from Aoife over at Pretty Purple Polka Dots and I just knew it was a tag that I had to do.. Quotes from Mean Girls and talking about books at the same time, where do I sign up?

1. It's Pronounced Like 'Cady' - Which fictional characters names did you get completely wrong?
So like every other British child, the first time I ever read Harry Potter I just could not work out how to pronounce her name at all. When I first read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I had no idea how to say Violet Beauregarde. Also the Baudelaire children from A Series of Unfortunate Events caused me so many issues, until I saw the films and everything became clearer.

2. She Doesn't Even Go Here! - Pick a fictional character that you would like to place into another fictional character's world.
I've always wanted to drop any of the Brontë sisters or Jayne Austen's characters into the modern world. I've just always wanted to see how they'd fare, I think they'd hold up quite well if I'm being honest. Also, a little cliché but I always wanted more scenes when any of the wizarding world visited the muggle world, the confusion was my favourite.

3. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink - Repetition, repetition. Which book gave you déja vu of another book while reading it?
I was about to say Dream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher, no matter how much I loved that book. But it wasn't so much déja vu, more that I guessed the ending quite soon into the book. I don't think I've ever had déja vu with a book.

4. You All Have Got To Stop Calling Each Other Sluts and Whores. It Just Makes It Okay for Guys to Call You Sluts and Whores - Which book gave you the complete opposite of girl power feels?
Not the books per say but the frenzy surrounding the books. The whole Fifty Shades of Grey frenzy in no way represented girl power and us taking back our bodies. You were just reading soft porn on the bus.. If that's what you want to read fine, don't try and pretend it makes you a stronger woman.

5. You Go Glen Coco! - Name a character you felt like you wanted to cheer on whilst reading.
Well obviously Harry Potter, but also Clay in Thirteen Reasons Why; I was so desperate for him to find out why he'd been involved in it all!

6. Get In Loser, We're Going Shopping! - How long do you typically spend at a book shop?
I don't spend as long in them anymore now that I have my kindle. However when I'm in town and I have half an hour to waste before my bus I'll spend all my time in Waterstones amongst the books. I could happily still spend all day in a book shop actually.

7. It's Not My Fault You're Like In Love With Me Or Something! - Which character would have to get out a restraining order on you, if they were real?
Definitely Billy Buskin, he just sounds so adorable, thoughtful and someone who I'd genuinely want to spend all my time with.

8. I Can't Help It That I'm Popular - Which over-hyped book were you cautious about reading?
It took me two years to read Fifty Shades of Grey and even then I only read them because I wanted to see what all the hysteria was about. I was really cautious about reading Daughter, and it turns out I kind of had a reason to be.

9. She's A Life Ruiner. She Ruins People's Lives - We all love Regina George. Name a villain you just love to hate.
I'm desperately trying think of someone other than Dolores Umbridge, but I just can't and I don't even need an explanation.

10. I'm Not Like A Regular Mom, I'm A Cool Mom - Your favourite fictional parents.
Totally unpopular opinion but Esme and Carlise Cullen were some of my favourite characters in the Twilight Series, I also loved Charlie Swan. He was so awkward and such a realistic father figure.

11. That Is So Fetch! - Which book or series would you love to catch on?
I really wish that Giovanna Fletcher's books would catch on more, she deserves so many more readers!

12. How Do I Even Begin To Explain Regina George? - Describe your ideal character to read about?
I don't have an ideal character, I love so many different characters!

13. I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings - What do you do when a book gives you a bad case of 'the feels'?
I have been known to throw a book across my room and scream, although I can't do that with my kindle now. I have also been known to just silently place my book down and walk away in tears.

14. Nice Wig Janice, What's It Made Of? Your Mom's Chest Hair! - Which character's one liners would you love to claim for your own?
Hands down anything by Minerva McGonagall, that woman is a total babe. I mean; "Have a biscuit, Potter."

15. Boo, You Whore - Name a time a characters decision has made you roll your eyes.
By the third Bridget Jones book every calorie and weight note had me rolling my eyes. I'm a lot older now and it's not funny, just irritating and had me wondering how women have the time to do that.