Sunday, 27 September 2015

Life | Holding Onto Memories

We live in a generation where most pictures we take either are uploading straight to Facebook, Instagram or any other social network or live in our phones going no where. I think we're all guilty of this, and it's just a way of life now.

Some of my favourite memories are getting out my Mum and Dad's old photo albums and shoe boxes bursting with pictures and just sitting down for what felt like hours just looking through old pictures and old memories.

I don't have a fancy camera, and I tend to just pull my camera out when I feel like it (usually resulting in selfies). But every few months I make sure that I print out some of my favourite pictures and either put them in picture frames or into my photo albums to make sure that I will always have hard copies of some of my favourite pictures ever.

Do you hold onto your favourite memories or do you just rely on social media to keep them for you?

Friday, 25 September 2015

Friday First | Wilko Dry Shampoo

It's a product that we all use, but few actually admit to. I'll hold my hands up, I could not live without dry shampoo in my life. I usually wash my hair daily, but having my hair up at work means that I get away quite easily with my hair not looking greasy and I can usually get away with dry shampooing my hair one night and it still looking fresh the next morning. It's really helping me cut down on how much heat I'm using on my hair during one week, okay I'll also hold my hands up to there is a slight element of laziness there as well.

I picked up this one from Wilkos the other week after being drawn in by the price, only 95p for 200ml, and I'd also heard some good things. Wilkos has a few varieties to pick from however I ended up grabbing the 'Fragranced'.

The smell is what I can only describe as floral, I am useless when it comes to describing smells though. Although it's definitely not your typical dry shampoo, it leaves your hair smelling quite fresh and doesn't have that "well that's definitely dry shampoo" smell that always makes me feel incredibly self conscious.

I also found that this dry shampoo didn't leave an obvious powder trace in my hair. I apply my dry shampoo at night to allow it to work through my hair at night and top up any areas that might need it in the morning. I find that when I spray this into my hair it seems relatively clear and doesn't take a lot of working into my hair. With other dry shampoos I'll quickly blast it with my hairdryer to remove any excess product, but I've not actually had to do this with this dry shampoo. My hair isn't left feeling powdery and horrible as it has been in the past with other dry shampoos that I have bought.

Will I continue to use the Wilko Dry Shampoo Fragranced? Oh definitely. I think I'm in love with a dry shampoo. It's not obvious when I'm using it and it leaves my hair feeling fresh. Also for the price you cannot go wrong.
Would I repurchase the Wilko Dry Shampoo Fragranced? I will. You can get away with using so little so it really goes a long way. I think I'll pick up the bigger size next time.
Would I recommend the Wilko Dry Shampoo Fragranced? I really would. It's a great dry shampoo where a little goes a long way. It doesn't leave the tell tale powder trace and it smells really refreshing.
Overall score out of 5? A 4. I just wish the range was a little wider; there's one specifically for brunettes, I'm just waiting for the blonde one!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Beauty | Battle Of The Body Scrub

Everyone has their favourite body scrub or exfoliator and has their holy grail. So out of the five that I own, which is mine?

The Body Shop Chocomania Sugar Body Scrub
I've already spoke about this body scrub on my blog before. I picked this up in The Body Shop's Christmas sale because who can resist chocolate scented anything? The scent is incredible but I don't find it overly exfoliating, it's not a wet exfoliator I just don't think there is enough sugar to be effective. However I'll use up the rest when I shave my legs probably.

Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying with Dead Sea Minerals Body Scrub
This is the newest body scrub in my collection and it's also the one with the longest name. I can only describe the scent of this as a mixture between a typical spa scent but I find it just on the edge of becoming a masculine scent, it's not an awful scent though. I'm a bit of a sucker for anything that includes dead sea minerals and I've always loved Avon's Planet Spa range. The scrub looks slightly wet, however the dead sea minerals and other exfoliants work really well and make you feel silky smooth once you've used this.

Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life
I spoke about this just last week so we all know just how much I'm enjoying this scrub lately. Of course the famous pink scent is one of my favourites and I love using this in the shower. The exfoliating beads work really well to leave you feeling silky smooth again but they also break down to leave you feeling moisturised too.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub
This was on my wishlist for ages and I originally wanted Sugar Crush, but after smelling Sugar Crush and finding it far too sickly sweet I instantly fell in love with the Breakfast Scrub. The scent is everything you want on those days where you just want to relax. I always save this scrub for Autumn and Winter, there is just something about it that makes me feel so pampered in the colder months. Actually now the weather has turned colder I'm so excited to be pull this out again. This is my favourite ever body scrub, it's not too wet and it's quite a coarse scrub. You can feel your skin being exfoliated and you just feel super pampered.

Boots Extracts Luscious Vanilla Body Scrub
I picked this up as an alternative to Smoothie Star in Spring and it was actually cheaper and a bigger tub, which is always a bonus. The scent is incredible, it's definitely vanilla but not how you'd expect. I can only describe it as a toasted vanilla scent but I'm probably completely wrong. Again it's a very wet consistency for a body scrub, but the exfoliant beads still work incredibly well. It's definitely my favourite scrub to use in the Spring and Summer time when I want to feel a little bit more pampered.

I definitely can't pick between Smoothie Star and my Boots Luscious Vanilla scrubs being my two absolutely favourite body scrubs. What would you say is your favourite body scrub?

Bonus pictures of Bailey trying to help me take blog pictures!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Friday First | Venus & Olay

I feel like razor blades are something that we don't really speak about. We know that everybody uses them, everyone has to shave and everyone seems to have their favourites. However I don't feel their reviewed enough, and if you're like me and just stand in an aisle for what feels like an hour trying to decide which razor blade would be best to try then a review would come in helpful.

I started using a Venus razor around a year ago because I was fed up of disposable razors cutting me nearly everywhere and just leaving my skin feeling crap. I usually always buy the Spa Breeze blades as I love the smell of them, however when the time came to repurchasing them no where seemed to have them in stock so I thought I'd try the new blades with Olay.

Venus & Olay blades claim to exfoliate and help lock in moisture, when compared with the Spa Breeze blades. Oh what I gave up to truly test these blades. I couldn't feel or see anything on the blade head that would act as an exfoliant and I definitely wouldn't say that I felt this when I was saving my legs. Moisture wise I felt that my legs did feel a lot silkier and smoother when in the shower, but I wouldn't say that this feeling lasted when I was out of the shower.

I found the moisture bars bigger than the ones on the Spa Breeze blades, I don't know if this is true or if I'm just being slightly skeptical, and I found that this made it harder for me to shave my legs. I also missed the scent of that you get with the Spa Breeze blades. Looking online I've been seeing a lot of Venus & Olay blades with a sugarberry scent, but I'm not sure if I have these or not.

Overall they still do a good job at shaving my legs as Venus blades always will do. My legs are being ripped to shreds and my skin does feel better after shaving. I wouldn't say I noticed a huge difference though, but I also really don't do change!

Will I continue to use the Venus & Olay Razor Blades? I've only just had to put a new one on my razor and I've still got one left in the box so I definitely will get my use out of them before I purchase more blades.
Would I repurchase the Venus & Olay Razor Blades? I don't think so. I personally will go back to the Spa Breeze blades, and there are a few other blades for me to try if I can't get my hands on Spa Breeze. I also hate how these are more expensive but you actually get one blade less than the typical Venus refill boxes!
Would I recommend the Venus & Olay Razor Blades? I think if you're someone who really does struggle with dry skin after shaving then I think the huge moisture bars would be beneficial for you.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I don't think they did anything different for me when compared with my usual razor blades, and I actually found the bigger moisture bars made them harder to work with. My legs did feel great in the shower, but I can't say I noticed a huge difference at any other time.

Do you use Venus Razor Blades? Which blades are your favourite? Have you tried the Venus & Olay blades? Let me know below!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Beauty | Shower Favourites

Do you ever find those products that just make your shower absolutely heavenly? Well these are the products that are currently my shower favourites!

It all starts with Soap & Glory's Scrub Of Your Life, I use this scrub in two ways. First I use it on the day I shave my legs to give my legs a good scrub so shaving them is easier and the end up a lot smoother, and then at least once a week I use this scrub all over to give my entire body a good exfoliate. I absolutely love this body scrub because I've honestly never used a body scrub that exfoliates so well but that moisturises at the same time.

I then follow up with a Soap & Glory's Clean On Me and I end up smelling like a Soap & Glory dream. This is a shower gel that lathers up so well but that also has that famous Soap & Glory scent that actually stays on your body after it's been rinsed off and you're out of the shower.

Once I'm all silky smooth and smelling pink, I follow up with my Skin So Soft In-Shower Body Lotion because let's be honest, I'm slightly lazy when it comes to moisturising. I've always been slightly sceptical of in shower body moisturisers as I was never sure that they'd truly work. However my skin always feels silky smooth as soon as I use this and that feeling definitely does last. I do follow up with a moisturiser once I'm out of the shower, but then I just feel like a silky smooth goddess.

So those are the products that make my shower an absolute dream. What products do you love using in the shower?

Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday First | The Girl You Left Behind

I've studied history a lot, which means I've also studied the world war and the Germans a lot. However, JoJo Moyes was able to capture and explain just so beautifully as well as so realistically just how it felt to be under German rule, it felt just like I was there. I flicked through my Kindle so quickly as I was so hooked and I just wanted to know just what was happening.

The book is split between two time frames; back in World War I and the modern day. I initially wasn't too keen on how the modern parts were written as it didn't seem to be written from anybody's point of view in particular, but it did still make sense. The modern day was written in a way so that everybody's point of view was taken on board and portrayed so it made sense as to why it was written like this.

The story all tied together in a beautiful way and I love how the modern day tied in with to Sophie's story from World War I, but if I'm being honest I was just begging to get back to Sophie's story to find out what actually happened.

The way The Girl You Left Behind is written and it just beautiful, just like all of JoJo's books are and it definitely keeps you hooked. I couldn't put this book down and when I did I actually couldn't stop thinking about it!

Would I recommend The Girl You Left Behind? Highly. I don't know what I expected but I fell in love with this book and then had my heart ripped out, only to fall back in love all over again. It captured the feelings of World War I perfectly and tied it into the modern day perfectly.
Would I re-read The Girl You Left Behind? It won't be a book that I reach for straight away, but I will definitely reach for it again at some point. It will be a book that I reach for when I'm in the need of a good love story.
Overall score out of 5? An incredibly high 4. I wasn't overly fond of how the modern day was written and I fell in love with Sophie's story a lot more, but I still loved the entire book.

Have you read The Girl You Left Behind? Are you a fan of JoJo Moyes's books? Let me know below.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Life | Dear September

Dear September,

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I know that I don't have much going on this month, apart from the biggest thing in my life.

I'm actually going to qualify as a nurse. This is the month where I will be able to tell people that I'm a mental health nurse; I will no longer be a student mental health nurse. All my hard work will have paid off and I'm so excited. Of course I'm terrified, but this is where my career starts and I can't wait to see where it takes me! I think I'll write more about qualify and being a mental health nurse, I think it's something that isn't spoke about enough; especially in a more positive light.

I feel like I should have more planned but I don't, maybe I'll find stuff to do other than just working!

Please be good September, and bring Autumn soon. I can't wait to finally be able to dress for the weather we'll definitely be having, rather than worrying if I'm going to get rained on while it's still warm.

I cannot wait to see what you have in store September,
Beka. xo