Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fashion | Oscar 2015 Top Picks

Sunday 22nd February 2015 saw the 87th Academy Awards.. Or to you and me the Oscars. Of course when it comes to the Oscars we all have the films, actors and actresses that we want to win but we all look forward to the red carpet fashion. So just like I did with the Grammys and BAFTAs, here are my top fashion picks from this years Oscar Awards, starting with the picks that worked for me.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter wearing Lanvin, I wasn't able to find who Benedict was wearing but he looked handsome as ever in his white tux, but can we talk about how fabulous Sophie is dressing that baby bump? 2. Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah Bagshawe both wearing Alexander McQueen, I'm not overly keen on the little feather bits on Hannah's hips, but apart from that I think they both look stunning, especially Eddie in his navy blue suit 3. Adam Levine wearing Giorgio Armani and his wife 
Behati Prinsloo wearing Armani Prive, I just cannot chose who I'm in love with more from this couple.
4. Channing Tatum wearing Dolce & Gabbana and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum wearing Zuhair Murad. Jenna is a stunning woman anyway, but Channing looks so handsome in his bowtie 5. Neil Patrick Harris wearing Ermenegildo Zegna couture and his husband David Burtka. I was unable to find who David was wearing but Neil and David are one of my favourite couples and I love the grey suit as opposed to the normal black tie.

6. Reese Witherspoon wearing Tom Ford. I simply cannot get over how elegant, timeless and classic this dress is.. Pure classic Hollywood 7. Meryl Streep wearing Lanvin. It was the shoes that originally caught my eye with this outfit and then I saw it was Meryl, looking absolutely stunning and like she's having the best time! 8. Kelly Osbourne wearing Rita Vinieris and Sophia Webster shoes. I cannot get over the cut of this dress with the lace top, I honestly think I'm in love.
9. Sienna Miller wearing Peter Cropping. I can't put my finger on what it is I like about this dress but it grabbed my eye straight away, I can't say I'm crazy about the makeup though. 10. Rita Ora wearing a custom made Marchesa. I love everything about this dress, the cut, the colour, the embellishment and the train.. It's just beautiful 11. Jennifer Aniston wearing Versace. I know people have been slating this dress but I like it on her, I think the colour suits her so well, it's very simple yet very apt.

12. Keira Knightley wearing Valentino. There was a risk of this dress turning into curtains but it definitely didn't, Keira is definitely dressing that baby bump well 13. Felicity Jones wearing Alexander McQueen. A dress that has definitely split a lot of people with the top and bottom being so different, but I like it. I can't put my finger on what it is, however I like the top and bottom both together and separately 14. Anna Faris wearing Zuhair Murad. Again people have slated this dress but I like it.. To put it simply it's sparkly and I'm a magpie.

15. Rosamund Pike wearing Givenchy. The red lace gives the appearance of roses to me and I think the cut is classic and suits Rosamund perfectly. Can we also appreciate she had a baby 12 weeks ago and that waist is tiny! 16. Dakota Johnson wearing Saint Laurent. I love the cut of this dress and the one shoulder detail, the colour and the split.. It also suits her skin tone perfectly 17. Anna Kendrick wearing a custom made Thakoon Panichgul. The colour of this dress suits Anna perfectly and I love the neck detail and how this dress hangs.

18. Jennifer Hudson wearing Romona Keveza. The colour of this dress looks gorgeous on Jennifer, I'm pretty sure I'd love almost everything this woman wore 19. David Oyelowo wearing Dolce & Gabanna. I'm a sucker for a man who can wear a coloured suit and David looks so handsome in this red suit, perfect for the red carpet 20. Chris Pine wearing Giorgio Armani looking handsome as usual.. Don't think I'm so keen on the hair however.

And now moving onto the fashion picks that didn't quite hit the mark for me..
1. Jennifer Lopez wearing Elie Saab. I know a lot of people love this dress and don't get me wrong I love the bottom half and the nude sparkle but for me the colour is too close to her own skin tone and the neckline is too plunging 2. Chloe Grace Moretz wearing Miu Miu. To me this is pure curtains.. And the little band at the top of the dress is again too close to her own skin tone and it gives the impression that is starts lower than it does. Also it's probably how she's standing but I really don't like the cut of this dress 3. Marion Cotillard wearing Dior Couture. That black band at the bottom on the back.. Just no, not for me. I don't understand this dress.

4. Scarlett Johansson wearing Versace. I love the cut of this dress and the colour, and it had the potential to be a beautiful dress I just think the necklace ruined this dress by being too much 5. Lorelia Linklater wearing Gabriela Cadena. I don't even know where to start with this dress, I don't like the cut or the mesh panelling with the floral pattern..

6. Jared Leto wearing Givenchy. I'm torn with this outfit because I like the suit and the lilac colouring, it's different but not too out there. However for me it's the shoes that ruin this, that make no sense because what shoes what he meant to wear, but to me he looks like a ken doll 7., I wasn't able to find what he was wearing but I don't even know where to start with this outfit.. The shirt, the trousers.. Just everything.

I feel that this was a long blog post, but there was just so much fashion that I loved! I also feel that I didn't have many men in my picks, but I found that so many men were wearing the same black tux I just couldn't differentiate. What were your top picks from this years Oscar Awards? Let me know below!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday First | The Body Shop Picks

I picked up a few pieces from The Body Shop the other week and I thought it would on be fair to include them in a Friday First! I picked up these pieces online, Body Shop still had their online sale on and Martin Lewis provided another discount code when he was on This Morning and I thought it would be rude to not put them to good use. So let's jump straight in to the pieces I picked up.

White Musk Libertine, £5
I have always loved White Musk, it's the scent that I have always associated with my mum since I was a little girl. I treated my mum to a mini White Musk and was wanting a perfume for myself so I picked up Libertine for £3. It's White Musk with notes of grapefruit blossom, Turkish delight and baby orchid. The floral and sweet tones definitely come through when I'm wearing this perfume, I've only worn it a few times but I've been complimented each time.

Will I continue to use White Musk Libertine? I will, it's a scent I adore but I love the sweet tones that come through.
Would I repurchase White Musk Libertine? I think I will, it's a perfume that isn't too dissimilar from what I'd normally go for but with a difference.
Would I recommend White Musk Libertine? I would if it was someone who I knew enjoyed sweet perfumes.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this product a 4, I only wish I'd picked up a bigger size!

Vanilla Brulee Body and Room Spray, Christmas Range
When I smelt the Christmas ranges Vanilla Brulee was the range that instantly grabbed me, so I couldn't not pick it up for £2.10. Anyone who knows me will know that I absolutely love vanilla so this is no surprise. I wasn't let down by this product, and I hope they bring it back for next Christmas, or permanently.

Will I continue to use the Vanilla Brulee Body and Room Spray? I will, I think I'll use it more as a room spray as oposed to a body spray but I will definitely get the use out of this.
Would I repurchase the Vanilla Brulee Body and Room Spray? If The Body Shop bring this scent back for Christmas this year I'll be running out to purchase it.
Would I recommend the Vanilla Brulee Body and Room Spray? I would, again if it's bought back for Christmas I'll be screaming from the rooftops about this product.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this product a 3, I'll probably use this more as a room spray, but with the size of this bottle it'll last me forever!

Chocomania Body Scrub, £5
As a chocolate lover I couldn't really turn this product down could I? It was already on sale for £2.50 and I managed to pick it up for £1.20 with the discount code! The scrub contains cocoa butter and cane sugar, however I can't say I find it as exfoliating as other scrubs I've used.

Will I continue to use the Chocomania Body Scrub? I'll definitely get my use out of this product, it's only a small tub and after one use I don't have much left so I'll definitely finish it.
Would I repurchase the Chocomania Body Scrub? I wouldn't, I haven't found it to be as exfoliating as other scrubs I've used.
Would I recommend the Chocomania Body Scrub? I don't think I would, I know of body scrubs that a lot more exfoliating.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this product a 2, I love the scent and how this lingers but I can't say I was overly impressed.

Chocomania Body Butter, £13
Again, I couldn't not pick this product up. I can't remember what it was on sale for, but I did really well and managed to pick it up for a steal at 90p! The website states that the body butter sinks straight into the skin and provides 24-hour hydration, well this is definitely does. What shocked me with this is that the body butter is almost solid, it's easy enough to get out of the tub but this means that I always underestimate how much I actually have to use. The only was I can describe the scent is that of normal cocoa butter but with slightly more chocolate.. and believe me it lasts!

Will I continue to use the Chocomania Body Butter? I'll definitely finish the tub of this product.
Would I repurchase the Chocomania Body Butter? I wouldn't, I can't really find that much difference between Chocomania and any other cocoa butter moisturisers that I use apart from Chocomania has more of a chocolate scent.
Would I recommend the Chocomania Body Butter? I think I would, but I could also recommend other cocoa butter products, I can't say it stands off the shelf though.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this product a 3, it is definitely moisturising and the feeling does last all day. The scent really does linger, but this can be slightly overpowering when it's all I can smell on my hands no matter how many times I was them that day. But I can't think of anything about this product that I really hate.

So there are the products I picked up in The Body Shop sale! Did you managed to pick anything up in The Body Shop sale? Have you tried anything I mentioned? What are you favourite Body Shop products? Let me know below.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Life | Guilty Pleasures

We all have those little guilty pleasures and we usually keep them hidden, lately a few of mine have come to light and my response is usually "judge me", this got me thinking about what else are my guilty pleasures.. So here is a list of just a few in no particular order.

Image Source.
One Direction, Four - Let's start off with what inspired this post. I've been listening to this album A LOT lately, and I'm not even ashamed to admit it. It's a fantastic album, I'm probably a little bit of a 1D fan and if you gave me the chance to see this band live I would, judge me.

Musicals - I love watching a good musical, I have since I was young. I will stick a musical on if I need a pick me up, if I'm getting ready for a night out or if I've got a spare afternoon. I've found Mamma Mia to be a good musical for those times when I'm getting ready and just stick it on in the background.

Dancing Around - Taking both of the above into account it usually leads to me dancing around like there is no tomorrow, if I'm home alone you'll more than likely find me dancing around when I'm doing something. I will turn the kitchen stereo up loud when I'm doing something and I'll be dancing around like the above picture.

Snuggling Up With A Book and a Hot Drink - I would do this all day every day if I could but obviously life is a thing, so when I have a spare moment you will find me snuggled up with my kindle and a hot drink with my head stuck in a fantastic story.

Baths - I've blogged before about how I make sure I take time out to just completely relax in a bath and the above often comes along with this. Whenever I'm in the bath I always have my kindle and a hot drink with me for the ultimate relaxation time.

Flowers and Chocolates - Let's keep this one short and simple, what girl doesn't enjoy being spoilt with flowers and chocolates.. Guys too, although from experience I find they prefer the chocolates a lot more.

Dressing Up - I love a good reason to dress up and be able to put on an outfit that isn't just jeans or work clothes. I love going on a night out, going out for meals and being invited to events where I get to put on a nicer outfit where I just feel nice and I get to do my hair and makeup along with this.

Heels - Again this kind of goes hand in hand with the above but I love wearing heels. I don't get to wear heels very often so when I get a chance I will throw them on within the second. It gives me something different to wearing my Converse on almost a daily basis.

So there are just a few of my guilty pleasures, they might seem obvious and for some people these are some things that they get to do on a daily basis and is part of their daily lives.

What are your guilty pleasures? Let me know below.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Friday First | Beauticology Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion

So it's time to review the second product from my Beauticology Gingerbread House Gift Set, which is the Creamy Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion.

Let's start with the scent of this body lotion. It didn't smell how it expected to smell, it smells very very sweet, almost overly sweet. But I'm not sure if this is just me being a complete idiot, I don't know how marshmallow naturally smells, I only know how they smell in a bag covered in sugar.. So that could be that reason.

One of the best things about this body lotion is that you don't need a lot and that a little really does a go a long way. Be careful though, have you ever had that moment where you've put on too much suncream or any other cream and you've just gone pure white? Well that's what happens if you put on too much of this, which I've done and ended up with white legs.. Fantastic look just before I'm going to bed.

I'm not sure how moisturising this product is, my legs did still feel soft the next morning but I think this was more to do with the fact that I could still feel the excess product on the top of my skin. My legs did feel soft when I used it when I got out of the shower and this did feel soothing after shaving my legs, I think this might just be my personal preference of still wanting my legs to feel like I've just moisturised them the day after, maybe this is a sign that I should be moisturising daily and not just on the days I shave my legs.

Will I continue to use the Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion? I will, slowly. I doubt I'll be reaching for this over my other moisturisers. However I might take this to my boyfriends and leave it there so I know that I have one when I'm travelling.
Would I repurchase Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion? Probably not, I have moisturisers that I much prefer over this body lotion.
Would I recommend Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion? Maybe. Once I've used it a few more times and I can be sure how moisturising I find it, then I might recommend it to people who I know would like it.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this product a 3, it's not a terrible product but it isn't a product I'll be replacing my favourite moisturisers with.

Have you tried the Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion? Have you used any other Beauticology prodcuts? What was your opinion of either product? Let me know below!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Fashion | Grammy & BAFTA Top Picks

Let's just jump straight in, here are my top picks from this years Grammy and BAFTA awards and I struggled to narrow it down to just these.

1. Taylor Swift in Ellie Saab, let's be honest who didn't see Taylor Swift in this and just instantly want to be her? It's such a gorgeous dress 2. Jessie J, I couldn't find who she's wearing but it's a beautiful dress so elegant but I love the sheer details 3. Katy Perry in Zuhair Murad, I love this dress in a strange way. I'm not overly keen on the sheerness and the fringe but I love the sparkle, I'm also loving her hair at the minute.

4. Anna Kendrick in a Band of Outsiders suit. I cannot put my finger on what it is about this, but I love the classy look with that little bit of an edge 5. Bonnie McKee in Chagoury Couture, is it possible to just be in love with the back of a dress because I hate the front but absolutely love the cut out back 6. Grace Chatto from Clean Bandit, again I couldn't find what she's wearing but I love how she's also gone for a suit, and I think I like the little bra peeking through.

7. Ed Sheeran, no idea who he is wearing but let's be honest who doesn't love Ed in his little waist coat and tie? 8. Sam Smith, again I cannot find who he was wearing but he looked absolutely gorgoues, I really want to say dapper so he looks dapper. Also, I love that little white bow tie! 9. Nick Jonas in Versace, I love the little hint of yellow in the suit and I love how he paired it with a pair of white trainers, when did Nick Jonas grow up?

10. Dave Grohl and his wife Jordyn Blum. A little bit random I know but I love how Jordyn was all dressed up for the Grammys and Dave has just rocked up in jeans and a denim jacket like this is an everyday event for him, it probably is.

1. Lea Seydoux in Prada. I absolutely love the classic cut of this dress with the trail and the little sleeves, but  also love the cut outs at the waist which add a modern touch 2. Reese Witherspoon in Stella McCartney. A lot of people have slated this dress but I love it, I love the colour, the trail and I love the neckline, it's a little risky yes but I love how it turns into almost sleeves 3. Jenna Coleman in Rochas. I love the material and the pattern, some might say it look like curtains but I love it. Along with the neckline and that little cut out.

4. Holliday Grainger in Antonio Beradi. This dress screams classic to me with the simple black and white. I love the slit up the side and the neckline which follows through to the back of the dress which bring it into the modern day.

5. Laura Haddock in Ashi Studio. This is just the perfect dress to me, such a princess dress. I also enjoy the very neutral colour.

7. Benedict Cumberbatch in Alexander McQueen and his finance Sophie Hunter in Margiela. Benedict is my ultimate man crush, lets not try to deny this, and he looks classic in this suit. But Sophie looks absolutely gorgeous in this maxi dress that just frames that bump 8. Eddie Redmayne in Armani and his wife Hannah Bagshawe in Valentino, who isn't loving Eddie lately? He looks so handsome in this velvet suit 9. David Beckham in Tom Ford, do I need to say anything? I'll just leave this here..

What were your top picks from this years Grammy and BAFTA awards? Let me know below!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday First | Chocolate Buttercup

So this weeks Friday First comes in the form of chocolate.. Well chocolate themed bath bombs!

I got this for Christmas off my cousin and I couldn't wait to use it the minute I opened it. The Chocolate Bath Box is by Bomb Cosmetics and contains six bath bombs all deliciously chocolate themed! The minute I opened the box it just smelled delicious, not overly chocolatey by there is a definite hint of it there.

All the bath bombs contain cocoa butter and shea fruit butters so once you have dropped one into your bath they will make your skin deliciously soft. It took me ages to choose which one to use because they all look so great but I eventually decided on 'Chocolate Buttercup', I think it was the little heart that swung me.

When dropped into the bath they melt and fizz really slowly, I don't think I dropped mine in early enough so I had to crumble mine to help it melt into the water. When it had melted into my bath my bath smelt gorgeous and I just couldn't wait to jump in and when in the bath I could definitely feel my skin being moisturised.

The chocolate scent wasn't overly noticeable however I can completely forgive this because the scent from the cocoa and shea butters and the way my skin felt after was just incredible. This is definitely a product that makes me feel super pampered and super relaxed.

Will I continue to use the Chocolate Bath Box? I will, if the other five bombs are as good as this one I cannot wait for those baths.
Would I repurchase Chocolate Bath Box? I think I would, I'd also be tempted to try other products from Bomb Cosmetics.
Would I recommend Chocolate Bath Box? I would, I love how my skin felt after using this product and I've only used one bath bomb so far!
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this product a 4, I've only used one bath bomb so far and I love it and I can't wait to try the rest. I just hope the rest are as amazing!

Have you tried the Chocolate Bath Box? Do you have a favourite bath bomb from the Chocolate Bath Box? Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics? Let me know below!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Life | #TimeToTalk

So this post should have probably gone up on Thursday, however I wanted to be able write more about what I did on Thursday myself.

Thursday 5th February was Time To Talk Day organised through Time To Change, led by Mind and Rethink, and the idea is to simply get as many people as possible talking about mental health to help end the stigma that surrounds it.

A lot of people openly admit that they struggle when it comes to talking about mental health because they're scared of saying the wrong thing or they just simply have no idea what to say or even how to start a conversation. As I tell people, people with mental health issues are just normal people so just start a conversation like you would with anyone else.
So being student mental health nurses myself and some other people from my course helped out with a stall at our university to spread the word of Time To Talk and get people talking. A few people already knew about the campaign and were happy to talk to us, whereas more people had no idea but were also more than happy to let us explain to them what we were going on about. In total we tallied that we spoke to 163 people all of which we inputted onto the Time To Change website to register our 5 minutes and to help them reach their target, so we added a lot of 5 minute conversations!

My wonderful selfies show just a couple of the things we were using to get people's attention, including some of the pledge cards we were encouraging people to use as conversation starters and the incredible fortune tellers that we were using as ice breakers, a bit of fun and another conversation starter!

Mental health is a topic close to my heart and Time To Talk is a campaign that I truly back as I know how much stigma can really harm people with mental health issues.

I made my pledge, have you made yours?

Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday First | Benefit Roller Lash

Like every other blogger and every other girl in the country as soon as I heard that with the latest edition of Elle magazine I could grab myself a sample/travel size of Benefit's new mascara Roller Lash I just had to grab it, for £4 who could say no?

I wasn't going to write this review as every other blogger seems to have written one, however I couldn't not write this review. Let me start off by saying that I've never tried a Benefit mascara, despite lusting over They're Real for what seems like forever.

The first thing I noticed with this mascara is the packaging, now I know that this isn't the packaging of the full size mascara which upsets me slightly as I love the rose gold lid! The second thing I noticed, which is probably the first thing everyone checks with a mascara is the wand. The wand is one made of plastic with plastic bristles and is ever so slightly curved. Now, this kind of wand is usually one that I avoid as I really struggle to get on with these wands, but I thought I'd give it a go. Although, honestly I have no idea which side of the wand is easier to use, I just tend to stick to the side which I curved so my lashes fit into it.

The first morning I tried it I was impressed as soon as I put it on, I applied it very cautiously and with a light hand as I'm not used to these wands and I instantly noticed the length that it added to my lashes, although I honestly can't say that I noticed any added 'curl'. Throughout the day it held up well, the length lasted and the mascara didn't crumble off my lashes. The only thing I did notice was that it did transfer to my brow bone throughout the day, but I put this down to having a very stressful and busy day as this hasn't happened since. 

The second day using this mascara I tried to apply it how I would normally apply my mascara and holy crap this mascara clumped like there was no tomorrow, not typical clumping but a lot of my lashes stuck together at the base making it look like I had three lashes.. Not a great look.

This stuff does not come off, at least without a good soak. I use my Garnier Micellar Water to remove my makeup but when it comes to taking off this mascara I have to soak my eyes like I'm removing my gel eyeliner, at least I know it stays put all day I suppose. This was also tested and confirmed when I did the smudge test. One eye I just rubbed lightly like you would if you accidentally rubbed your eye and a little bit transferred as would be expected but nothing that couldn't be easily fixed, on the other eye I really rubbed my eye and again a little transferred, more than the other eye but my eye didn't turn full panda.

Overall it's not a bad mascara and I don't have any major complaints other than I'm still trying to get used to how to use it to make my lashes look decent, but that is just me.

Will I continue to use Roller Lash? I'll definitely continue to use it, when I actually get it to look decent I love how it makes my lashes look, but that is purely because I'm not used to the wand.
Would I repurchase Roller Lash? Definitely not, I doubt I'll be that in love with the product to rush out and buy the full size version when it's released and I don't love it enough to replace my daily mascara.
Would I recommend Roller Lash? This is a tricky question. I would, if they can still get hold of Elle for the sample size. If it's someone who I know loves Benefit mascara and someone who I think would get on with it then I would, but I think the price tag would get in the way.
Overall score out of 5? I'll give this product a 3, I love how it makes my lashes look when I finally work it out. But it's taking me a long time to get to grip with the brush and my lashes can end up looking clumpy. I highly doubt I'll be rushing out to buy the full sized version when it's released.

Have you tried Roller Lash? What did you think to Roller Lash? Have you tried any other Benefit mascaras? Let me know below!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Life | Dear February

Dear February,

You have come around far too quickly for my liking, I can't believe it's already the second month of 2015. Seriously, when did you sneak up on me and where did you suddenly appear from?

I don't have too much planned for you February, I have a few things planned but you're not an overly busy month. Of course it's Valentines Day, although for me it's going to be Valentines week late as we're calling it due to Ryan's work commitments.. I suppose the only bonus of this is we won't have to pay sky high Valentines Day prices for anything.

I have to start thinking about my management placement soon, I finish placement next week and then I'm back in uni. So I now have to start thinking about organised and applying for the most important placement of final year, quite possibly even of my whole three years of my degree. This placement is basically where I get signed off and could basically make or break my whole career, don't stress Beka!

I finally get to see a very good friend who I haven't seen for a very long time and we get to spend some quality time together, I cannot wait for this. It's just what I need and I have been waiting far too long!

A quick note before I go February, could you sort the weather out please? In the week leading up to your arrival it's snowing and I don't want the snow to settle and stay around..

I don't have much else to say so I'll go now, let's just enjoy every moment and take it one day at a time February.

Beka. xo