Friday, 28 March 2014

Shopping | Bringing In The Sunshine

Going on holiday is always an exciting time, however I personally always find holiday shopping that little bit more exciting, probably cause I just get to walk around the store, find items and try and create an outfit especially for the beach and the warm weather.

Now because I don't go abroad a hell of a lot, in fact this is my first holiday abroad since I was 9 months old, I try to make sure that everything I buy holiday wise I'm able to wear at home too. I'm also really bored of the cold and wet weather in England at the moment, so I'm also trying to force a bit of sunshine into my life.
I posted this picture on my Instragram of all my purchases, so I thought it would be only fair that of course I did a blog post on everything I bought. I bought everything from Matalan and Primark, the majority from Primark as you will see.

I'm not bragging about my size or any prices, however I'm not home so I haven't had a chance to take the tags off and wash everything yet, so let's try and ignore that.

Colour Block Mini Bikini Briefs, £4
   Obviously when you go on holiday you instantly start thinking of swim wear whether you're going in the pool or just going to be wearing it under what you're wearing. I kind of feel that it will be my bikini top which is on show a lot more than my full bikini, so I was just looking for a pair of black bikini bottoms for when I'm in the pool, cause that way it doesn't matter what colour bikini top I have on. I don't like the idea of tie side bikini bottoms, I have this irrational fear of them not being tied tight enough and someone undoing them and then me losing my bottoms, however I then found these bottoms which are pull up however have the detail on the side to look as though they have been tied.

Shapewear Black Fold Over Bikini Briefs, £4
   I didn't intentionally buy these for the shapewear element, I just thought it would be a good idea to have a spare pair of bikini bottoms, and they only had one pair of the above in my size. Although I do like the fold over detail and think it adds a cute twist.

Floral Wired Headband, £1.50
   I'm not sure if everyone wears these as much as they used to however I still really like them and find them really pretty. I thought I would be able to wear this to help hold my hair off my face in the sun and it will look cute with a few summer dresses.

Nude Sandals, £4
   I was looking for some more sandals for this summer as I loved the sandals that I got from Primark last year so I knew they would be comfortable. These are quite similar to what I bought last year with the diamante detail along the front, but I thought that the nude colour would be a little bit more flattering, I'd be able to wear them with more and these have a back in so I won't end up having people kicking the back of my feet.

Stone Flats, £5
   I then found these little ballerina shoes, I thought these would be nice for those days where I still don't want my feet covered too much but I don't quite want to wear my sandals. These would probably be a lot more flattering at night with a dress.

White Stretch Cami Vest, £2
   I then picked up this little cami vest just to go under some other tops. I usually pick up the vest tops from Primark, however I thought the cami style and the little sleeves would be better whilst I'm abroad in the sunshine.

Black Stretch Cami Vest, £2
   I also pick up a cami vest in black for the same reasons but for different tops.

Black Stretch Vest, £2.50
   This is the style of vest I usually pick up from Primark, with the wider straps. Like the cami vests I buy these to go under other tops.

Basic Fold Bleached Shorts Bleach, £5
   I then found some shorts because of course you need shorts whilst you're in the sunshine. I prefer lighter denim, I just think it is more flattering on my skin tone and I prefer it if I ever do tan.

Basic Distressed Bleached Shorts £5
   I then picked up some more shorts, also in a light denim, however these have more of a distressed edge. I just think a distressed edge can add a different look to a style.

Mint Lace Cami Vest, £4
   This top was the top that originally caught my eye as soon as I walked in, however it was one of the last things I actually picked up. I love layering tops on each other and I think this top will look perfect over the white cami vest I picked up, and even the black when it's colder, and if I'm wearing a bikini under it will look fine. I picked up the mint colour because it's a colour that compliments my skin tone nicely and I think if I actually manage to get a tan it will still look nice.

Coral Lace Cami Vest, £4
   I also picked the top up in a coral colour because it's my favourite colour for spring and summer and this top just screams holiday at me. This will also look perfect over both the white and black cami and with a bikini underneath.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Life | A Weekend Full Of Shows

The weekend just gone was a busy weekend for me. From the 15th to the 17th I was in Birmingham as I was lucky enough to be seeing Fall Out Boy on the 16th, and then on the 17th when I got home I was going to the cinema to see a Live National Theatre broadcast of War Horse.

Birmingham - Fall Out Boy
We decided to make the most of our weekend and spend two nights in Birmingham, so here is the obligatory view from the hotel room photo, both day and night. We arrived on the Saturday afternoon and left the Monday morning. This meant we had the whole of the Saturday night to just relax and all of the Sunday to find something to do before we saw Fall Out Boy at the NIA that evening, we decided to spend the day visiting the Birmingham ThinkTank and then walking around what felt like the entirety of Birmingham which about killed my legs, but the weather was gorgeous so I can't complain too much about that.

So Sunday night rolled around and we finally got to see Fall Out Boy at Birmingham's NIA, this is the first time I've ever seen Fall Out Boy so I was ridiculously excited, Ryan not so much this was his third time seeing them. It was busy, the queue was ridiculous and we were packed in nice and tightly, and I couldn't see a thing for the entire night. Usually this isn't my favourite thing in the world cause I'm only small and obviously want to see my heroes on stage, however on Sunday this was completely different and I was happy to even be in that room just hearing Fall Out Boy play live, the atmosphere was fantastic and it gave me the best feeling knowing that I was surrounded by so many people who were complete die hard fans, were there for the music, and like Ryan and myself were just completely singing their hearts outs. It was the most amazing night and I wish I could go back and relive it.

I'm lucky enough to know someone who had the most amazing opportunity to actually shoot Fall Out Boy in Birmingham, so here are some of his amazing pictures. All credit goes to Benji here.
A picture from the Fall Out Boy Facebook, here, that I absolutely love from that night is the picture below. I don't want to ruin it for people who haven't had a chance to see them yet, so I won't let you know what is going on in this picture, but this picture brings back the most amazing memories with the most amazing feeling attached and I know that me and Ryan were in the part of the crowd with the spotlight on them.
Here is the picture with the crowd that Fall Out Boy like to take with the crowd every single night. I haven't been able to spot myself or Ryan, but I know where we were standing. Once again taken from the official Fall Out Boy Facebook here.
National Theatre Live - War Horse
So when I came home on the Monday that evening I was going to my local cinema with my Mum and Grandma to see a live broadcast of the War Horse.

I'd never heard of this until my mum asked me if I wanted to go and information on the National Theatre Live can be found here, but basically the National Theatre in London broadcast live performances to cinemas across the country, and possibly across the world but I'm not too sure about that fact.

I've seen the film of War Horse, but the show was just fantastic and equally, if not more, moving than the film. I thought that the puppetry was incredible, and the acting was perfect. I completely forgot I was in the cinema and I would encourage anyone, if they get the chance to go and see this production. I think this is an amazing chance for people to be able to see theatre productions who don't have the chance to actually go to a theatre.

So it was a very busy weekend, full of shows, and I was incredibly tired afterwards. However, it has been a fantastic weekend, with some amazing memories, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Friday, 14 March 2014

BzzAgent | John Frieda Frizz Ease Campaign.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and it was through word of mouth that I actually found out about BzzAgent and then decided to become an agent.

BzzAgent is, and I quote, the "leading social marketing company" and it "puts products into the hands of hundreds of thousands of real consumers and helps them share their opinions", agents have the chance to share these opinions through blog posts, Facebook posts, sharing photos, videos, and uploading reviews to the BzzAgent site themselves. Once you have signed up to BzzAgent you are then invited to continually complete online surveys, when they are available, in which they collect information about your lifestyle e.g. what hair products you like and what you look for in these products, what household products you use, what type of foods your household eat, and if you have children how old they are and what products you use for them. BzzAgent is easy to join and you can become an agent here.
So now that you've had your quick overview of BzzAgent itself let me tell you about the John Frieda Frizz Ease campaign I am currently involved in. In this campaign there were three options, Seeking a Smooth Style, Crazy About Curls or Wanna Make Waves?

This is the only part of the campaign that I have a complaint about. Whilst I was completing the survey to take park in this campaign, despite stating that I wear my hair straight and smooth I was only given the option to choose Crazy About Curls or Wanna Make Waves, so I decided to choose Wanna Make Waves with the thought that I can just straighten my hair as normal and it will still help combat my frizz. I don't feel my hair is frizzy in the typical way, but can become very unmanageable at the end of the day and especially when it's warm. Here's a cheeky look into my box before I give you some insight into the products I got.
So in my box I was given Frizz Ease Dream Curls shampoo and conditioner, new Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Crème and new Frizz Ease Unwind Curls Calming Crème, all four of which were full size.

I will be using the shampoo and conditioner five days out of seven instead of my other shampoos, the other two days I will carry on using my touch of silver shampoo and conditioner to help maintain my blonde. The recovery and calming crème I will use every day. I will continue to use these products until the end of the campaign at the very least and I'll decide whether to continue using them afterwards.
Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo - Claims to cleanse and add hydration for "salon-perfect curls"
First Impressions - Scent is pleasant, nothing to really shout about but pleasant regardless. Not a lot of product is needed to lather the shampoo up which is a nice surprise as I am someone who shampoos twice before I use conditioner so the fact that I don't need to use a lot of product is promising that this product will last me a lot longer.
Frizz Ease Dream Curls Conditioner - Claims to detangle hair for "defined, salon-perfect curls"
First Impressions - Scent is pleasant, the same as the shampoo. I do feel that my hair is left feeling softer, especially on the ends and is more manageable. It claims to detangle hair, I can definitely tell this when I comb my hair through after I shower and even whilst I'm still in the shower. However, I'm not overly keen with the consistency of this product though, I feel that for a conditioner I feel the consistency is far too wet and runny and this has resulted in me getting far too much conditioner out of the tube and having to waste some before I use it on my hair.
Frizz Ease Unwind Curls Calming Crème - Claims to loosen curls and fight frizz for a "salon-perfect style".
When I Use - On towel dried hair before I comb my hair through and put my parting in. Focusing mainly on the ends of my hair, my fringe and then the rest of my hair.
First Impressions - A little goes a long way with this product. I apply a small squeeze, around the size of a 20p, into my palm and roughly distribute this throughout my hair. This has definitely left my hair feeling smoother, softer, more manageable, and I can see the extra shine.
Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Crème - Claims to eliminate frizz, repair damage, treat split ends and nourish hair.
When I Use - Halfway through drying my hair, whilst my hair is still slightly damp before I finish drying. Focusing mainly on the ends of my hair, my fringe and then the rest of my hair.
First Impressions - Barely any product has to be used in an application is a huge positive, only one pump is needed, an amount around the size of a 5p coin, which distributes thoroughly throughout my hair. Once again this has definitely left my hair feeling smoother, softer, more manageable, and I can see the extra shine.

Overall Impressions So Far - I do feel that my hair is softer, smoother, more manageable and there is extra shine. I'll continue to use these products and possibly post an update at the end of the campaign to see if anything has changed.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life | Favourite February Moments

So whilst I'm currently in the process of writing another post, which will probably be up tomorrow, here are some of my favourite moments from February which I managed to capture through my camera.

So February became the month that everybody became obsessed with Flappy Bird, admittedly I never saw the attraction however it then becomes obvious just how addictive the game can become. February also became the month that me and Ryan became extremely competitive with each other over this game, and there is my high score.
Obviously, February is the month of Valentine's Day and the above picture shows both the card and the jumper that I was given.
It also apparently became the month of hilarious selfies found on my phone after nights out. Although, I have to admit, I do love this picture and it would better if it wasn't so drunk.
I also went out a couple of times in February and they were also some of the best nights out in a long time, have one of my favourite pictures from one of those nights out.
I also finally touched up my roots and became stupidly blonde again, like extremely blonde. I also fell in love with the winged eyeliner look on myself.
Once again, more hilarious selfies from nights out.
It was also Ryan's mums birthday towards the end of February so we had a little get together for her, we have very few pictures together, so here is one of the rare ones from that night.

A new post should be up tomorrow and now that I have finished with uni work and assignments for a while so posts will be back to being much more frequently.